The Lost World is an artificial planet that broke its orbit and is now lost somewhere in space. Those who reside on the planet are there because they needed a fresh start for one reason or another. As far as the inhabitants know there is no way to leave.
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 Ashar, Drethan

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Zulaya Ashar

Zulaya Ashar

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PostSubject: Ashar, Drethan    December 14th 2013, 11:27 pm

The Being

Full Name: Drethan V. Ashar
Middle Name: Valrion
Pseudonym(s): Dre, Val
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (Unknown)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Elf

The Senses

Physical Appearance: Drethan stands at a looming height of 6'7" and weighs 203 pounds. He is very muscular and his muscles are well defined. His skin is a light olive color and he has a smooth complexion a side from a single scar. The scar starts at the base of his skull and runs down to the base of his back. The scar is slightly raised up and is a pale white color. Drethan has ice white hair that seems to glow at night and his eyes are a deep purple. His hair come down just past his eyebrows in the front and in the back it comes down about three inches from the hair line. His ears are slightly longer than normal and are pointed. Drethan has a tattoo on his left shoulder blade. The tattoo is simple and just says Chimera. Drethan has both ears pierced and he also has his tongue pierced. His left has three piercings, the two normal ones and the top ridge of cartilage. His right ear only has the ear lobe pierced.  
Usual Apparel: Typically Drethan can be seen wearing slacks and dress shoes. He likes to wear darker colored pants so most of the time he wears black. He will normally wear a long sleeve button down shirt. Drethan's shirts tend to be colorful, ranging from reds to purples and every color in between. Over his button down he wears a vest. These are typically black with a design in silver or gold depending on the occasion. He also keeps his sword in it's sheath on a belt that he wears with everything. On rare occasions he will also wear a blazer these are also black. Sometimes he will wear gold or silver blazer's and slacks. On lazy days he wears blue jeans or dark washed jeans with a t-shirt that stretches tight across his chest to show off his muscles. Drethan also wears a single necklace. This necklace is on a black cord and it is a triple moon with his sisters name engraved on the back.
Personality: Drethan seems as if he is a snob due to the fact that he is a noble elf, though he in fact is not a snob. Drethan tends to be very cold towards everyone but his sister. He has major issues with trusting people and if he trusts someone he is known to cling to them. When alone he is very withdrawn from the world. He always seems like he's thinking and thinking of something very painful. When with others he will try to socialize but sometimes he still comes of as cold or a snob. Drethan gets stressed easily and worries quite a bit about what the other noble elves think of he and his sister. When threatened his personality can change in an instant from calm and cheerful to completely full of rage. His rage is uncontrollable.

.....Likes.........Dislikes.........Fears........Bad Habits...
✿ Nature
✿ Rain
✿ Being with Zulaya
✿ Large cities
✿ Wind
✿ Being separated from Zulaya
✿ Getting taken again
✿ Losing Zulaya
✿ Losing his rank with the Elves
✿ Snapping at people
✿ getting lost in his thoughts
✿ Not trusting people

The Effort

Weapon: Drethan's weapon is an Elvish sword named Hathelas. Hathelas is three and a half feet long. The blade of the sword is silver and has the word "Protect" carved into it with runes. The handle is silver and wrapped with strips of leather. The butt of the handle has a simple leaf carved into it. Hathelas was given to him when he turned 16. He has carried Hathelas with him every day since. When he was taken he did not have his sword. He usually keeps Hathelas in it's sheath on his belt. The sword doesn't have any special powers it is just a sword but anyone who tries to pick it up that is not of Drethan's bloodline will not be able to. Those not of the Ashar bloodline who attempt to hold the sword will get burned.
Element: Drethan has the elements Forest and Water. Drethan was born with these elements.
Special Ability: Will be added at a later date


The History

Date of Birth: April 13
Parentage: Mother: Miriara Ashar Father: Larien Ashar
Siblings: Twin sister Zulaya Ashar
Children: N/A
Other Relations: Mentor: Aerlastiel Nororon
History: PMed to The Basilissa Solver

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The Basilissa Solver

The Basilissa Solver

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PostSubject: Re: Ashar, Drethan    December 21st 2013, 6:02 pm

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Ashar, Drethan
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