The Lost World is an artificial planet that broke its orbit and is now lost somewhere in space. Those who reside on the planet are there because they needed a fresh start for one reason or another. As far as the inhabitants know there is no way to leave.
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 Lithvaul, Thanatos; Lithvaul, Adrasteia

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Thanatos Lithvaul

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PostSubject: Lithvaul, Thanatos; Lithvaul, Adrasteia    December 13th 2013, 11:30 pm


The Being

Full Name: Thanatos C. Lithvaul, Adrasteia C. Lithvaul
Middle Name: Carion, Caria
Pseudonym(s): Andy, Anie; Adra
Gender:Male; Female
Age: appear to be about 18, real age unknown
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Species: Demon
Occupation(s): Collectors of souls (a.k.a. grim reapers)

The Senses

Physical Appearance: Thanatos is about 6' 5" and weights about 180 lbs. He has blood red hair and golden yellow eyes. His hair is about shoulder length with a few layers that stick out. He some times slicks it back but mostly it is down. His skin is pale white and doesn't really tan. He has a red dragon tattooed on his right bicep and a black and red tribal tattoo of a set of wings on his back. He has 3 ear pircings, one on the bottom lobe of each ear and the middle of his right ear.

Adrasteia is about 5' 2" and weights around 115 lbs. She has snow white hair and blood red eyes that seem to glow. Her hair goes down slightly past her waist. She almost always has her hair down with bangs that hang in her face. Her skin is pale white like her brother's and doesnt tan. She has a light outline, almost scar-looking, of a pair of feathered wings on her back.  
Usual Apparel: Thanatos usually wears dark wash jeans with a black and red striped button-up shirt. He has this shirt unbuttoned about a quarter of the way down and has a red vest over it. The sleeves are rolled up to about his elbows. He wears black dress shoes with this. He wears an assortment of bracelets and cuffs along with silver rings with varied patterns and jewels on them. He has a silver pocket watch that hangs on his vest and a black choker that has a cross with a pentagram on either side of it.

Adrasteia wears a black dress with a white petticoat. It comes to about her knees and the sleeves poof out around her arms before slimming again and coming down to her wrist. There is a black bow tied int he back and the part in the front around her waist looks like a corset. With this she wears thigh-high white stockings held up by black ribbons and black high heeled ankle boots. She has a black choker with a silver cross hanging from it around her neck.
Personality:  Thanatos seems to have a laid back personality on the outside. On this inside he is always highly alert and watching over his sister. He is mostly kind to everyone they meet but never lets anyone get to close, if they do he leaves and ends the relationship. He never stays with anyone for too long because of this. He usually thinks before he says or does anything, unless it comes to his sister then he completely loses all logic. He is a selective smoker, meaning he smokes when he is stressed or when he is deep in thought.

Adrasteia seems like a shy, nice, quiet girl on the outside. This is not the case with what goes on in her head. She is proper and kind to those they encounter but in her head she is very cruel and unkind. She usually won't say anything unless her brother isn't around and she really doesn't like the person. She is possessive of her brother and lets those around him know it and what will happen to them if he gets hurt. She usually ends up more hurting those she is trying to protect than actually protecting them.

.....Likes.........Dislikes.........Fears........Bad Habits...
✿ coffee; tea
✿ red; black
✿ animals
✿ yellow; orange
✿ large crowds
✿ being in one place to long; loud people
✿ being separated
✿ getting to attached to someone; Thanatos getting to attached to someone and leaving
✿ flying; open ocean
✿ smoking; spacing out
✿ biting his nails; biting her lip
✿ not sleeping; playing with Thanatos's hair

The Effort

Weapon: Both Thanatos and Adrasteia have matching scythes. Thanatos's scythe is white with a golden blade and the handle has what looks like a feathered angel wing as a counter balance. Adrasteia's scythe is black with a sliver blade and the handle has a bat wing as a counter balance. They got these from their father at a young age so they could be trained to use and wield them to the bast of their abilities. The scythe has a special jewel on the handle that can channel their elemental power through the blade. This is were any souls the two collect are stored before being transferred to their father for sorting. The more souls the scythe contains the lighter and easier to wield it becomes.
Element: Fire and spirit
Special Ability: Thanatos and Adrasteia represent death. Thanatos represents the side of the argument trying to let whoever is dying instead stay alive, Adrasteia represents the side of the argument that is death. Thanatos also represents a peaceful, quick and painless death while Adrasteia represents a vengeful, long, and painful death. They have to decide whether the person or creature lives or dies so they can see and know everything that person has ever done and pass judgement based on that. They can hear and see souls of the dead who were not collected or that linger where they died and can show other people the spirit world in which they dwell.

✿ training with using their scythes
✿ talking to the dead
✿ soul connection
✿ being apart
✿ over use of energy
✿ can be self distructive

The History

Date of Birth: October 31st
Parentage: Azrael -father Thrisha Lithvaul -mother (deceased)
Siblings: 9 half-sisters and 2 half-brothers from their father
Other Relations:
History: PM-ed it to The Basilissa Solver

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The Basilissa Solver

The Basilissa Solver

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PostSubject: Re: Lithvaul, Thanatos; Lithvaul, Adrasteia    December 21st 2013, 6:01 pm

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Lithvaul, Thanatos; Lithvaul, Adrasteia
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