The Lost World is an artificial planet that broke its orbit and is now lost somewhere in space. Those who reside on the planet are there because they needed a fresh start for one reason or another. As far as the inhabitants know there is no way to leave.
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 Thorn, Xavier

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Xavier Thorn

Xavier Thorn

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PostSubject: Thorn, Xavier    January 15th 2013, 9:00 pm

The Being

Full Name: Xavier R. Thorn
Middle Name: Rose
Pseudonym(s): Rose, Thorn
Gender: male
Age: looks 18 but is really 3,013
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Species: hybrid vampire/elf
Occupation(s): Prince

The Senses

Physical Appearance: Xavier has shoulder length golden-blonde hair that is normal styled in a fluffy manner. His eyes are sapphire blue but can change to a deep purple. He is about 5'6" and weights 150 lbs. He has 1 piercing at the bottom of each ear that he usually wears mix matched earrings in. He has a very soft and slightly feminine build to his body. His ears are pointed slightly, like an elves. He has a rose tattoo that is a large rose in the center of his back and thorned vines curl out from it and wrap around his body. His nails are about an inch long and lengthen when he is about to feed. He has 2 inch long fangs that also can lengthen dramatically. If he goes to see his mother his ears point more like an elves and his hair lengthens to a normal elf length. His pupil also lose their vampiral slit and go round.
Usual Apparel: Xavier usually wears a button up shirt of about any color, depending on his mood that day. The shirt is slightly unbuttoned. He wears this with a black fitted blazer that is usually unbuttoned. He switches between black and dark washed jeans. He wears a studded collar and an unusual wrist watch that tell him the fazes of the moon. He also has a blue and silver suit of armor he wears if he is on official business. If he is visiting his mother or feels in a mood he will take out his flowing white robes and wear those along with a jeweled head piece of woven silver.
Personality: Xavier can be a bit of a jerk. He teases a lot and tends to try and flirt with everyone. He is kind of conceded and egotistical. These trait are only his first personality. It is his "grey" personality". He can kind and loyal. He also can be very princely and chivalrous at times. He can also be very dramatic about small things and he has proper manners and way of speaking thanks to his princely training. This is his "white personality". He also has a third personality. This personality is very sadistic and cruel. He tries to keep this one under wraps since it can end very badly. This is his "black personality".

.....Likes..... ....Dislikes.... .....Fears..... ...Bad Habits...
✿ cats
✿ blood
✿ wine
✿ dogs
✿ crosses
✿ uncivalized people
✿ being stripped of his title
✿ losing someone close to him
✿ going "black"
✿ being dramatic
✿ flirting
✿ switching personalities

The Effort

Weapon: Xavier has an elvish long bow. It is carved out of the branch of a sacred tree and will never break. The string is spun spider silk along with horse hair and is incredibly strong. He has many normal arrows and 10 arrows he can enchant with his elements.
Element: forest, fire
Special Ability: His special ability is his blood line. He descends from two very powerful species and lineages. He has inherited both sets of traits combining them to make him the perfect warrior. He also can be very destructive if he goes "black" because of these abilities and traits.

.....Strengths..... ....Weaknesses....
✿ speed
✿ perception
✿ skills with varying weapons
✿ going "black"
✿ over exerting himself
✿ easily bribed

The History

Date of Birth: April 25
Parentage: Alcurd (father) Galadriel (mother)
Siblings: twin sister whereabout and info unknown
Children: non
Other Relations: Karionus (child-hood friend, disappeared long ago)
History: PMed to The Basilissa Solver

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The Basilissa Solver

The Basilissa Solver

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn, Xavier    January 17th 2013, 6:53 pm

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Thorn, Xavier
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