The Lost World is an artificial planet that broke its orbit and is now lost somewhere in space. Those who reside on the planet are there because they needed a fresh start for one reason or another. As far as the inhabitants know there is no way to leave.
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 Galway, Oliver

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Oliver Galway

Oliver Galway

Zodiac : Sagittarius Posts : 24
Age : 18

PostSubject: Galway, Oliver   January 14th 2013, 5:13 pm

The Being
Full Name: Oliver Conley Galway
Middle Name: Conley
Pseudonym(s): Ollie
Gender: Male
Age: 12 (Actual age, 137)
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Species: Ghost
Occupation(s): Singer

The Senses
Physical Appearance: Oliver stands at a short 4'11'', with short, messy blonde hair that curls upward at the edges. He has a small but strong build from working all of his living days. His eye is a deep golden colour, and the bandages on his left eye, right thigh, and left ankle are white.
Usual Apparel: Oliver kept his choir uniform and now wears that. It's a white button up shirt, with black shorts and blue overcoat that has the Dal Sengo on it. The outfit also has a hat that closely resembles a sailor's hat.
Personality:  He's most often seen alone, because he only reveals himself to people he isn't afraid of. Or people that have a seemingly nice atmosphere. First meets are usually quite easy. Oliver is a very kind boy, and likes to make friends. When around people he cares about, he's usually happy, chipper, and very optimistic!
.....Likes..... ....Dislikes.... .....Fears..... ...Bad Habits...
✿ Music
✿ Making friends
✿ Candy, like any other 12 year old.
✿ Mean people
✿ Healthy food
✿ Large, dangerous machines
✿ Silence
✿ Large machines
✿ Being alone for too long
✿ Taking a long time to reveal himself to others

The Effort
Weapon: None
Element: Spirit
Special Ability: None

.....Strengths..... ....Weaknesses....
✿ His voice
✿ He's already dead, so he can't die
✿ Music
✿ Candy
✿ Music
✿ The fact that he has no special ability or weapon

The History

Date of Birth: December 21
Parentage: Daere Galway (Mother. Deceased by now.) Cedric Galway (Father, Deceased by now)
Siblings: Adiena Galway (Sister), Grigor Galway (Brother), Cattee Galway (Sister)(All deceased by now)
Children: None
Other Relations: None
History: Oliver was born into a family who had he and his siblings simply for the extra help. It was the late 1800's and everyone did everything by hand and dangerous machines. He had it hard from the beginning. His family started him at work at age three, when he could at least walk and talk a bit.
He'd gotten hurt quite a lot because of the dangerous machines, accidentally sliced his ankle open near age eight because he stepped at the wrong place at the wrong time. There weren't any doctors around, and his 'parents' wouldn't let him clean it, so it quickly got infected and got him sick for a few months. Weak though he was, he still worked. He had to, and still does, wear a bandage around that leg to cover up the gross, festering wound.
One day, he heard a beautiful sound emanating from a nearby building, a church. The choir was singing a gorgeous song. He managed to sneak out for half an hour and explore the place. He even joined the choir and snuck out every Sunday to sing with them. Though he wasn't the least bit religious, they still let him join, and even let him keep the uniform. Before he'd been wearing ratty, street clothes, so with the choir uniform he had at least one other pair. He only wore his choir outfit on Sundays with the church though.
With the machines evolving and becoming an even bigger threat to him, the church was his happiness in his mangled world. The danger of the machines was so great, that they'd split his right thigh open. He wore bandages over that wound too.
On his final day of life, he was weaving cotton into fabric on one of the machines. One of the barbs caught him in the eye, causing blood to spurt everywhere. His screams were useless, as no one could hear him. And those who could, didn't care enough to help.
He sat there for hours, not brave enough to rip the barb out, and in too much pain to scream.
Oliver figured that he would die soon, and recalling a recent song from his choir, began singing. His voice shook with pain, but it was loud and proud. He managed to sing out until he finally died, some hours later from blood loss.

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The Basilissa Solver

The Basilissa Solver

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PostSubject: Re: Galway, Oliver   January 17th 2013, 6:52 pm

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Galway, Oliver
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