The Lost World is an artificial planet that broke its orbit and is now lost somewhere in space. Those who reside on the planet are there because they needed a fresh start for one reason or another. As far as the inhabitants know there is no way to leave.
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 Deonus, Avery

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Avery Deonus

Avery Deonus

Zodiac : Aquarius Posts : 212
Age : 21
Location : Land of Wrath and Angels

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PostSubject: Deonus, Avery    Deonus, Avery  EmptyJanuary 3rd 2013, 5:00 pm

Deonus, Avery  Neko-boy-46697311931_zps02f21580

The Being

Full Name: Avery D. Deonus
Middle Name: Darius
Pseudonym(s): Darius,  The Eksil der ødelægger
Gender: male
Age: looks 18 real age is unknown
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Species: Hybrid, demon/shapeshifter
Occupation(s): hunter

The Senses

Physical Appearance: Avery has jaw-length black hair that is slightly curly. His eyes are are red but he sometimes disguises them with Crystal blue. On his chest is a binding seal that is burned into his skin through unholy magic. He has 2 ear piercings.  He is about 5' 4" and only weights about 135 lb. He has very pale skin that never tans and his body is covered in scars. He usually has cat-like ears on his head and occasionally he will have a tail. Both vary in appearance depending on his mood.
Usual Apparel: Avery mostly wears black jeans with a black shirt of any kind. He sometimes will wear a white button-up with a black vest. He usually has a trench coat on. He also wears a set of black gloves. He has a silver cross chain necklace he always wears and 2 silver shackles around his wrists. If he doesnt have a trench coat he is usually wearing a black hoodie. He also carries around either a guitar case or a tan shoulder bag.
Personality:  Avery is a very introverted person. He tends to keep to himself and in the shadows. He has a multiple personality disorder and will often talk to himself. He is not very trusting and tries not to get close to anyone. His mind wanders frequently. If he every starts to trust you and open up to you he is a very kind person. He is loyal and will protect those he loves at whatever cost. His mood does change rapidly. He can be kind one minute and then go into one of this violent tendencies the next. If he feel uncomfortable or is under to much stress he will suddenly change completely into a cat or wolf.

.....Likes.........Dislikes.........Fears........Bad Habits...
✿ the color black
✿the night
✿ bright colors
✿bright lights
✿people he deems as stupid
✿ Liam
✿the archangels
✿the arch-demons
✿talking to himself
✿being to introverted
✿his thoughts wandering

The Effort

Weapon: He has 2 foot long swords. Each sword is enchanted so that only he may use them and each one is attached to a different one of his elements. He holds them in a double sheath on his back or he hides them in a guitar case or his shoulder bag he carries. One of them glows blue tapping into his spirit power and has an eye engraved into the hilt. The other glows red tapping into his fire element. this has a cross engraved into its hilt.  
Element: Spirit and fire
Special Ability: His special ability is his connection to animals. He can communicate with them and understand them. He will often spend weeks out in the forest trying to help a certain family of creatures. He thinks keeping them as pets is cruel because he himself is kept as a pet by Liam.

✿his shapeshifting
✿his instincts
✿his mastery of his swords
✿connection to Liam
✿His trust issues
✿his fear

The History

Date of Birth: January 18th
Parentage: Gabriel (father, archangel) Lilith (mother, archdemon) Lucifer (stepfather)
Siblings: None that are known
Children: None
Other Relations: Liam Deonus (Master/owner)
History: His entire story starts with the fall of Lucifer. His mother fell with Lucifer, leaving him with the archangel Gabriel, his father. His father was stuck with grief and claimed that Avery was following in his mother's foot steps not long after Avery was then cast out of heaven. He awoke in a forest after 3 years of nothing but darkness in an unholy sleep. He had no idea where he was or what happened. Soon the demons came for him. They were sent to collect him by his mother. He was chained up and dragged back to Hades where he was kept for 6 months in a cell. All this time Lucifer had been trying to decide what to do with him. His mother pleaded that he would not be killed. Lucifer decided to take some mercy upon his stepson and keep him alive but with a price. Avery was dragged before the throne of Lucifer so his fate could be finalized. First Lucifer doomed him to never be allowed back into heaven. Then he was cursed with the ability to never be in the same form for his entire life. After all that was said and done one of Lucifer's advisers stepped forth and proposed an idea because he had become 'fond' of the little cursed angel. He proposed that Avery should be bound to him and that he could watch over the angel to make sure he did nothing stupid or treacherous. Avery felt himself flood with fear at what the demon was proposing. He was terrified of this demon because of stories he had heard while he was still in heaven. Lucifer sensed this fear and agreed to the plan. Lilith tried to oppose it but it was already done. Avery was dragged away to a black room. He was then chained to a stone alter. Liam stepped forward with a dark smile. His hand then started to glow black with unholy magic. His pressed his hand to Avery's chest. Avery shrieked in pain and fear as Liam whispered into his ear "you are now mine forever little angel." After he left and Avery was unchain but the shackles still around his hands. He lived as a loyal pet for 100 years then he was finally left to go to the surface as he wishes. However after a while the human government start to suspect things and they captures and locked him up. Avery could have escaped but he stayed where he was and waited for Liam to give him the order. The order never came and Avery was sent away to a strange artificial planet. He awoke on the planet after 15 years in suspended animation. He was with about 10 other beings on the first journey to the planet. They were met by a strange A.I. who cared for them. After a few years most of the first voyage died off leaving only Avery and a few other nonhumans on the planet. Avery has lived in peace on the planet and now more voyages start to come bringing more exiles with them. With each one to arrive Avery also has more fear start to build up that Liam will be on one of those voyages and his peace will be shattered.

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The Basilissa Solver

The Basilissa Solver

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Deonus, Avery  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Deonus, Avery    Deonus, Avery  EmptyJanuary 5th 2013, 8:02 pm

Deonus, Avery  Datastream-prv_zps8188d091-1_zps531da670
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Deonus, Avery
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