The Lost World is an artificial planet that broke its orbit and is now lost somewhere in space. Those who reside on the planet are there because they needed a fresh start for one reason or another. As far as the inhabitants know there is no way to leave.
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The Vixen

The Vixen

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PostSubject: Penelope "The Vixen" Waldrop   Penelope "The Vixen" Waldrop EmptyMarch 1st 2015, 5:24 pm

Penelope "The Vixen" Waldrop Vixen_11

The Being

Full Name: Penelope Waldrop
Middle Name: Belle
Pseudonym(s): The Vixen
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Sexual Orientation: Polysexual
Species: Ghost
Occupation(s): Pirate

The Senses

Physical Appearance: The Vixen stands at a staggering 6'2" and has a toned build. She has slightly muscular arms, as is necessary for a swordswoman, and she is quite busty. She has pearl-toned skin and eyes that glimmer like rubies in the sunlight (however in the dark they are a flat blood red color). Her light rosy hair is straight with light waves at the end and reaches to her hips. She is very often seen with a drunken smirk on her face.
Usual Apparel: She wears nearly nothing but her usual Captain's apparel from her life as an infamous swashbuckler. This outfit consists of a skin-tight laced brazier with draping black and white lace blazer reaching to the back of her knees and a matching mini skirt. She also wears timeless leather boots and her Captain's Hat with her signature Jolly Roger embellishment. A large red bow adorns her hat on its left side.
Personality: She is a bit of a character and far from one-dimensional. She can easily be seen laughing and smiling at bars, socializing and having a grand ol' time. She is quite the extrovert and a born leader who hates being defied and won't take no for an answer!
But on the other hand she has her soft side for sailing and children. There's something about the smiling hopeful faces of children that brings her back to the moment the realized her calling was from the Sea. Often times when she is alone on her small ship she looks out to the horizon with nostalgia and remembers the time she met her father and the day she inherited his crew.

.....Likes.........Dislikes.........Fears........Bad Habits...
✿ Gold
✿ Being Desired
✿ The Heat of Battle
✿ Spicy Food
✿ Being Bossed Around
✿ Being Disrespected
✿ Drinks Profusely
✿ Enjoys Being Pursued, Tends to Pick Fights to Ensue Chase
✿ Speaks Her Mind

The Effort

Weapon:  Cas d'Esprit
Among a common array of Pirate weapons she may loot from the dead bodies of shipmates, she the cutlass she and her father had died holding, which now has the spiritual power to summon her own dead shipmates and revive those around her if she were to sacrifice said souls. It is A standard cutlass with a gold embroidered hand-guard but it glows a faint maroon when restless spirits are around which are ripe for the taking. She must sustain the sword's lust for souls but recycle the souls regularly as it will grow tired of those that it has eventually and condemn them to purgatory.
Elements: Spirit and Water
Special Ability: Curse of the Marauder
Whenever Penelope's sword is overflowing with souls needing to escape her Cutlass transfers them into her own human manifestation, causing her to gain  almost Herculean strength and emanate the auras of tortured souls. This makes her glow a faint maroon and gives her a very short temper, whether it is during the heat of battle or while she is having a late-night drink at a Pub. She channels all the hatred and violence of those of the fallen through her own body, making her a very powerful and dangerous person to come across, as this could happen at any time.

✿ Very Outgoing
✿ Extremely Loyal to Whomever Earns It
✿ Can Think Strategically in Stressful Situations and Think on Her Feet
✿ Very Short Temper
✿ Doesn't Have Quite as Good of Control Over Water as Spirit
✿ The Curse Happens Often and Without Warning if Souls Aren't Recycled

The History

Date of Birth: October 28th, 1705
Parentage: Louisa Port and Jaune Waldrop
Siblings: Gloria and Valerie Duncan
Children: --
Other Relations: Harold Duncan (Step-Father)
When Louisa Port was 20 years of age she was of high standing and belonged to a dignified family. She had everything a young woman could ever ask for: money, infamy, suitors as far as the eye could see... But one day her father passed away and her mother went into seclusion. From there her life spiraled out of control. She no longer had any funds to support her lavish lifestyle and no one to comfort her. She resorted to leaving the mainland and joining a band of misfits plundering around the Seven Seas for money, where no rules but loyalty and anarchy reigned. She had enjoyed the lifestyle and abandoned all hope or wanting for a normal life. Louisa realized how much she hated the humdrum of civilization compared to the riveting life of a Pirate!

There she fell in love with the Captain of the Crew: Jaune Waldrop, Le Cornu Epeiste. He was dashing, the epitome of swagger and confidence. He had a way of speaking to her and only her that lured her in indefinitely. After months of secretive courting, conception was achieved. Once the small child began to grow inside of her, he had told her why he had chosen her to bear a child.

She was special and had a welcoming body, welcoming enough to harbor a demon child which would inevitably carry on his legacy as The Horned Swordsman. She stared in horror, knowing now that she was to birth a demon. It was then that she requested to go back ashore and try to start a life without him, needing to try her best to keep this child from causing the harm that he had. She would raise it in the way she had been raised, with civility and morals and self-control. But it wouldn't be that easy..

As Penelope grew she grew to despise structure. Every lesson in manners and poise taught by her mother or grandmother fell on deaf ears.She was rebellious and snuck off during designated reading hours or left in the middle of a suitor luncheons, to which her mother was obviously furious. As much as Penelope could possibly explain how much she just couldn't stand living like this, all she got was "you can't understand why you need this but you do. Mother knows best."

That evening, outside their house on the beach, a knock came on Penelope's window and she was stirred from her already light slumber. She went to investigate and saw that it was a strange man with trim facial hair and golden eyes, tall and dark. He wore lavish yet dirty clothing and every step he took he chimed with heavy jewelry.

"You, girl. You want to get out of here?"

To a 10 year old girl there were no questions that needed to be asked. She had gotten out of bed and got one black nightgown to change into and got all the money she could from her mother bedchamber before slinking out into the night with this man.


Each day she spent on the water with this man was like a dream come true. She got acquainted with marine life and friendly and loyal people she called family. And family was closer than she thought when she found out that the man who whisked her away in the night was none other than Jaune Waldrop, her father!

She grew to be tough and hold her own in a fight. She learned to gamble and drink and smoke with the best of 'em. She blossomed into a buxom young lady and was deemed The Vixen by her fellow crew members when she expressed distaste for her birth name around her 16th year. (Needless to say, the man who called her a Vixen was made to walk the plank by her father. But she grew fond of her title and maintained it.)

After she turned 18 her father told her that her rebellious spirit was because she had restless demon blood coursing through her veins that hadn't awoken yet. When asking when it would show true form, he told her that he wouldn't know and that it would happen eventually in some way shape or form.

She looked up to her father until the day he was dragged underwater by a marooning enemy ship. For nearly a year she was devastated and the ship had no crew, no direction. It drifted aimlessly both figuratively and literally. But one day she woke up after a hard night of mourning to see a hat with an altered Jolly Roger and her Father's sword alongside a note that sloppily read "We need a Captain and can't think of anyone better than you, Vixen. Your father would be so proud."

She eagerly took control of the crew who happily obliged to follow her every command to the death. Mean and Ale, as much as one can drink in their lifetime, gold raining from the heavens, and floods of blood from their enemies on the deck. It was a good triumphant life until she was visited one night by a Haute Demon.

It spoke to her in the sounds of nightmares, telling her that it was her time to take on her father's work and that there was only one way for it to happen thanks to her half blood. He unleashed hellish fire and darkness upon her ship, leaving her crew helpless against the danger. The Mer Mariee was sinking and she could do nothing but go down with the ship unless she surrendered. And she had no choice.

She slumped helplessly, kneeling to the Haute Demon and told him to do as he wished with her in order to save her crew and her ship. With those words the Demon smote every person in her crew with one fell swoop and their souls retreated into Cas d'Esprit. The darkness and fire faded and the Demon gave Penelope the sword.

"You are all that can harbor the souls now, as your father has perished. But you must awaken your demon. And death to your human existence is all that can do this." He struck her down with a single touch and she woke up later, as if it were all a dream.

She was wandering around her watery home with not a single crewmate to be seen. They were all gone. Not in the galley, not in their rooms, not on deck.. Even the navigator was gone.. then she knew that what happened was not a dream. She looked down at her cutlass and held it close to her. "I'm so sorry, everyone.. I didn't want this to happen..." and but one response was given.

"Feed... me..."

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The Basilissa Solver

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Penelope "The Vixen" Waldrop
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