The Lost World is an artificial planet that broke its orbit and is now lost somewhere in space. Those who reside on the planet are there because they needed a fresh start for one reason or another. As far as the inhabitants know there is no way to leave.
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Shi Minko

Shi Minko

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PostSubject: Minko, Shi   Minko, Shi EmptyAugust 28th 2014, 5:35 pm

Character Chart
Character’s full name: Minko, Shi
Reason or meaning of name: Wild luxury/Glamour
Character’s nickname: N/A
Reason for nickname: N/A
Birth date: Twentieth March
Species: Hybrid, Human and White Phoenix

Physical appearance
Age: Twenty Two
How old does he/she appear: Twenty Two
Weight: 67KG
Height: 5'10
Body build: Shi is fit and relatively tall for a Hybrid.
Shape of face: Narrow?
Eye color: Black(Right) and Red (left)
Glasses or contacts: None, Yet slightly blind in his left eye.
Skin tone: Pale
Distinguishing marks: His eyes
Predominant features: His Mask
Hair color: Silver
Type of hair: Short
Hairstyle: Spinkey
Voice:He only speaks then he is spoken to, yet if he does speak it's more of i don't give a shit way or lazily. Unless it's something that caught his interest.
Physical disabilities: Shi has obtained a small vertical scar running over his left eye which caused him to go slightly blind, which forced him to retire only at the tender age of Nineteen.
Usual fashion of dress:Tends to Wear a lot of Black with bits of white or Navy or Green.
Favorite outfit: Black high polo neck and black trousers.
Jewelry or accessories: His Mask.
Weapons: Kanata and Kunia
Tattoos: A swirl on his upper arm.

Good personality traits: Shi is Loyal
Bad personality traits: To act like he doesn't care much.
Mood character is most often in: "Meh.." Mood.
Sense of humor: Yes, he can have a laugh.
Character’s greatest joy in life:
Character’s greatest fear: Dying
Why? Well he's apart Phoenix but he doesn't reincarnate all the time. Only once and thats it, yet incredibly painful and not knowing if he could survive the change or not, makes him afraid of his own Death.
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?
Character is most at ease when: Reading or doing nothing.
Most ill at ease when: There is tension in the air.
Enraged when: His friends are hurt.
Depressed or sad when: He can't really express himself. Or he can't solve his own problem, like then he thinks back on what happened to his eye.
Priorities: Getting himself sorted out.
Life philosophy: Live Life.
Character’s soft spot: Puppies / Dogs
Is this soft spot obvious to others? Erm.. He's never really thought about it.
Greatest strength: Silent Steps and ability with blade.
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: His left eye, due to slight blindness in it, some days it hurts and he can't use it.
Biggest regret: Not being at his father's funeral.
Minor regret: Retiring very young.
Biggest accomplishment: Saved up alot of money and retired young too. (even if it was a forced retirement)
Minor accomplishment: He brought a house with his own money.
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: He was bullied as a child.
Why? So he ended up wearing a mask to stop children bullying him, cause he's ''Ugly'' (he's not ugly thou) So he hides his face from the world.
Character’s darkest secret: He was a former Assassin, which he has been since he was about Sixteen and  has completed about 25 assassination on people in his life.
Does anyone else know? No.
Two Elements that character associates with: Fire and Darkness

Drives and motivations: To own a book store
Immediate goals: Life
Long term goals: Settle down at some point.
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: By staying alive and take life as it comes.
How other characters will be affected: We'll have to wait and see about that.

Hometown: Toshima Village
Type of childhood: He was bullied as a young child, so he ends up wearing a mask. His Mother and Father were together, they were childhood sweethearts, apparently. His father died when he was eleven due to Brain Tumour, which he missed the funeral due to he started training to be an Assassin, which actually took him about four years to complete it, it wasn't easy thats for sure.
Pets: A Gold fish, which is probably dead by now since Shi was five when he got it.
First memory: Family outing to get Icecream from the ice cream van.
Most important childhood memory: Seeing his mother cry.
Why: It was after his father's funeral, his mother shouted and hit him (weakly) saying that he was a bad son, for not turning up to his own fathers funeral. From that point on he made sure that he did everything he could for his mother, yet he didn't tell her about his new job.
Childhood hero: His Father, after all he worked in the military
Dream job: A Doctor
Education: Primary School
Religion: None

Current location: Lost World
Currently living with: Himself
Pets: A miniature pug called Rufus, which weirdly enough it can speak all languages.
Religion: N/A
Occupation: ... Going to be a book store owner soon

Mother: Aoi Minko.
Relationship with her: Still going strong but found out about her son's job after the inccdent with his eye, yet she still proud of him, not for killing, but surviving it.
Father: Tanaka Minko
Relationship with him: Decreased
Siblings: N/A
Relationship with them: N/A
Spouse: N/A
Relationship with him/her: N/A
Children: N/A
Relationship with them: N/A
Other important family members: N/A

Color: Black
Least favorite color: Yellow
Music: Doesn't really care
Food: Dangos
Literature: Anything that he can get his hands on
Form of entertainment: Reading
Expressions: Lazy
Mode of transportation: Walking
Most prized possession: His Father's Kanata (Which are in a display case in his house) and His own too.

Hobbies: Reading, Walking, Jogging.
Plays a musical instrument? Nope.
Plays a sport? Fencing, but if there is a game and need an extra player he'll join.
How he/she would spend a rainy day: By a window reading or walking about in it.
Spending habits: Rufus eating him out of house and home.
Smokes: Nope
Drinks: Can hold his liquor but doesn't go out drinking much.
Other drugs: Pain killers?
What does he/she do too much of? Lazying around.
What does he/she do too little of? Talking and Swimming.
Extremely skilled at: Kanata
Extremely unskilled at: Cooking.
Nervous tics: Fish. He hates the smell and taste.
Usual body posture: Carefree, bordom/lazy
Mannerisms: Sometimes Blunt
Peculiarities: Sigh alot.

Optimist or pessimist? Pessimist
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
Daredevil or cautious? Both
Logical or emotional? Depending on situation both.
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? Both!
Prefers working or relaxing? Relaxing.
Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Confident
Animal lover? Yes.

How he/she feels about himself/herself: Okay
One word the character would use to describe self: Reliable
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: Appears to be aloof, yet then it really comes down to it he's not, he tends to think to much. Which ends up sometimes his mind wonders to different things in total. Yet when his friends are in need he is there supporting him, yet when he needs help he trys to solve it himself, which results him in bad case. Like him cooking, He ended up having to call the fire men to put out the fire. He's good at keeping secrets after all he kept his own hidden anyway from everyone.
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait? Supportive when need to be.
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait? Lateness.
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic? His Hair.
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic? His mask?
How does the character think others perceive him/her: a loner.
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: His eye sight in his other eye.

Relationships with others
Opinion of other people in general: Tends not to judge people too quickly.
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others? Yes and No.
Person character most hates: Fish.
Best friend(s): Rufus?
Love interest(s): N/A
Person character goes to for advice: His mother, but thats about his cooking, other wise no one.
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Himself, his mother which he calls her twice a week. Finally his four legged companion Rufus.
Person character feels shy or awkward around: Crying people. Or awakard around people who want to see his face.
Person character openly admires: N/A
Person character secretly admires: N/A

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