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 Story Time

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Ryu Ookami

Ryu Ookami

Zodiac : Aries Posts : 57
Age : 21

PostSubject: Story Time   July 20th 2014, 5:14 pm

If you're a writer and would like to share a story or a poem or anything that you have written you may do so here.

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Hijōshikina Sekushī

Hijōshikina Sekushī

Zodiac : Leo Posts : 34
Age : 27
Location : You can never see me coming...

PostSubject: Re: Story Time   July 21st 2014, 9:56 am

Chapter 1 "The Birth"

It was 6:30 AM, a new life was being brought into the world by the many hands of the hospital. Life is and always will be a gift but to others it is a curse. The sound of a baby crying reached the ears of many down the long hallways of the hospital. A man with dark hair and eyes watched as the nurse brought his new son into view on the opposite side of the window. This man was the father and he looked at his son with little affection. It would seem however that he was not the father for his wife obviously lied to him. The baby was not his and this fact was shown due to how the baby looked and how he looked. The wife cheated on him and now he wants nothing to do with both child or wife.

A little ways from the father was there a lovely couple looking at their child who happens to be a little girl. They made faces at the baby and they looked to one another with love on their faces. However, there was one parent who was not at all happy by the development of his child. The wife had eyes of blue with raven hair while the man who she cheated with looked like the baby before him. The wife's partner who was looking at the baby had brown hair and brown eyes. The baby was not his for he had dark colored hair close to black and the infants eyes had different colored hues than he.

This baby would come to be raised by parents who were anything but cruel...

Chapter 2 "The Abuse"

Parent's were known to create movies due to their childs first experiences on camera but there was a family who did not do this to their child. The husband who was lied to yelled at his wife while she yelled back leaving a crying baby in its bed. No attention was given to the child and it continued this way for a long time. The only person that the baby knew was a woman who was known to be there to take care of him when his parents were fighting with one another. The lady was nice and raised him well unlike the mother and the father who did nothing for him but yell at him.

Time went by way to slowly and the baby was now able to walk and some what talk, due to means of money did his parents get rid of the lady who raised him. The mother was covered in sadness and anger and she showed this to her son by neglecting him. The little boy was but two years old and he could not do anything for himself quite well. Attention seemed to be the only thing he wanted and when he got it was he hit and yelled at. The mother was fragile and just the smallest sound would make her yell or throw things at her son. The two year old did not know why she acted this way and he continued to seek some kind of attention.

This neglect continued and it seemed to get worse when the father came home completely drunk and violent. The father was the one who did more damage to the boy for his actions were much more harsher than allowed. The worse kind of abuse he gave his son was locking him up in the basement with the lights completely off and the father seemed to do this only when it was coldest outside. The two year old boy would cry alone and would continue to cry until his mother let him out the next day. In time the abuse sank in and when the boy turned five did he catch on to every little thing which was why he stayed away from his parents. This boy would continue to cry alone in his room with the lights off for this seemed to be his only place to call home. That home was in the dark which allowed him to think horrible thoughts. The pain was so bad from his abuse that he grew up learning that abuse was the only way to get attention.

The father and mother were going through with divorce and the mother changed for she tried to be a part of her sons life. His birthday was coming up and he soon will be six years old. The mother was cautious to her son when she spoke and even more so when she tried to pet his hair. This boy grew up without love only hate and pain. The mother tried to be there for her son but it seemed she came to late...

The birthday came and the mother gave her son a white cat, there was no friends for the boy and so she gave him a cat so he could at least have a friend. The mother smiled to her son and handed him a peice of cake with a normal knife which was not plastic. After giving her son the cake did she run out to get a camera for she wanted to take a picture. When she came back did she drop her camera and screamed for her son had killed the cat with his knife. Her eyes shook in pain when her son looked to her and smiled with blood splattered on his face and the cat at his feet.

"I finally got mommy's attention!"

Chapter 3 "School Hardships"

After the killing of his birthday present did the mother grew concerned and took her son to a doctor and told the doctor everything about him killing a cat. The doctor obviously didn't believe it for the boy was only six and never would he know death quite yet. The mother was further concerned by this fact for perhaps she was talking to the wrong person about this. As time went on did the mother see more troubling signs from her son for he went to school at the age of six. Every single day did the problems get worse for he was in trouble for hitting children and actually being rough with his fellow classmates. The hits would be so bad that the child would have to go to the infirmary and her son would be place in detention.

This continued as he grew up and the damage seemed to get worse with every passing day. Bullying was known to be bad but her son had took it to another level when he was eight. A phone call was all it took for the mother to understand, her son had actually pushed another child down the stairs resulting in a broken leg. Her son was sent home for he was expelled from school due to his dangerous behavior.

When her son was allowed back did she fear the worse all over again, and it would seem her fear would be known soon enough. With a miracle did her son pass his grades but it seemed he grew distant from the rest of life. Never would her son speak to her or anyone for he continued to stay in his room with the lights off. As her son grew did she fear for the worse due to his size getting bigger. Her son was now 13 and he was in 7th grade soon to be in 8th due to his grades being so well despite him attacking his fellow students out of random.

However, this would end as quickly as it began to look clear and promising.

A phone call was sent to 911 for her son had yet again caused another attack but this attack was much more horrible than the rest...

Students, teachers, family, police, and everyone flooded the school gates as two medics walked out with a student on a stretcher who had been stabbed to death well over a hundred times. Her son was sitting before the cops for he was covered in blood with a dull look in his eyes. Everyone was stunned by this and it became a worldwide news which made the mother feel horrible as people came up and asked why her son was doing such horrible things.

This was all to much for her...

Chapter 4 "Entering Insanity"

People continued to speak about the death of the student on the school grounds and everyone found out how it had happened. Playing sports outside seemed to be everyone's favorite subject in school and that death happened on that beloved subject. The mother's son had obviously snapped at random when another student had punched him in the shoulder and saying that he could not hurt a soul. Perhaps, that was what did not cause it for her son was quiet and actually acted strong. However, the teacher on the subject spoke of her son snapping when a little boy joined into the game which caused him to be some what possessive of that little boy since he was younger than the rest. Either way her son was going to grab that little boy acting very much wrong in doing so, when the little boys brother attacked her son resulting in a murder. The little brother was defened by his brother as her son had lashed out and began stabbing him with a knife he had taken out of his pocket. The students fled and the teacher had to stop the horrible display.

Her son had stabbed that poor boy hundred times or more whiched caused his death.

Taking her son off of the body which was living only moments ago did the teacher place the boy in rope to keep him from hurting anyone else including himself. Everyone in the school was heart broken and even more so scared of the event that had happened. The little brother cried at his brother's death and his family wanted to be paid due to her son's behavior. It would seem the damage as a child caught up with her son which in turn made him go completely insane.

The abuse and the violence was all her son knew in getting attention, even so that could not be used as a excuse anymore for he was truly insane. This was proven when the mother came and witnessed her son laughing at everyone's fear and was screaming sentences that were anything but normal or welcomed. The police took her son and spoke of taking him to prison for his actions of killing but the mother didn't want that for her son was ill mentally.

To buy her son a bit more time did she file papers on her son for he was mentally ill.

A day after the murder did the mother call a hospital which housed children and teenagers with problems of abuse. This hospital was about to get a teenager who was far more dangerous than everyone else within their building....




"At times I feel like I'm sleeping but really I am awake in my own nightmares..."

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Hijōshikina Sekushī

Hijōshikina Sekushī

Zodiac : Leo Posts : 34
Age : 27
Location : You can never see me coming...

PostSubject: Re: Story Time   July 21st 2014, 10:28 pm

Chapter 5 "No way out"

The mother could only follow behind a group of larger males in white coats and gloves, their heads were covered in white hats which looked rather odd. In the wheel chair sat her son who was hand-cuffed and his head remained down as if in a trance. The mother could only watch as the men stopped near a room and when they went to get him out of the chair did he react for he was screaming and kicking. The mother could only cover her ears as her son continued to yell and call out her name. In time it became intense for the men in coats where finding it hard to strap her son in the bed and his hands shook in a attempt to get to his pocket where a pocket knife was stashed. In time they got him strapped to the bed and a nurse entered the room to give him a shot.

Once the shot was given did the boy's movements cease and he laid there as if shot by a gun.

Everything from then out went black before his eyes, as her son laid on the bed did she speak to the doctor who was utterly confident in restoring her son and his sick mind. However, the doctor lied to his mother for he broke all ties to her and even spoke of her son dying three days later after being sent to the hospital. Her son's case was far to bad to allow him to go out and live on his own, for the rest of his life was he meant to be kept there until death finally catches up with him.

A month went by and the boy was named Hijo, this name was placed in recorded file on the computer for everything was placed on the computer. Other paitents were actually normal but they were still suffering from the abuse, some were getting past it and showed great signs of recovery. However, Hijo was a worse case and was watched by hired men to keep him down just in case he snapped. The other teenagers looked at Hijo as if some kind of horrible human being for they heard his case and found out rather quickly due to the doctors constant talk about it.

Hijo did things on his own, and what was worse did he forget his mother's face as well as his father's face. Still deep within his mind his father haunts him in his sleep for the abuse was so bad it causes him to turn over and fall to the floor grasping his head. It was a horrible time for Hijo for he wanted out of this place. It was bad enough everyone looked at him differently but it made it worse when they kept him in a room with no windows. Hijo was always found in the corner of his cell for it was padded, the wear he was forced to wear was a solid white which meant he would never recover.

One month suddenly became two when a group of people came to visit the hospital's progress. The total of people were five females and six males, these people would walk around the hospital and would write things on their books about the progress the hospital was making. However, one lady stopped infront of Hijo's cell and though her group went on she stayed there and peeked inside the cell door which was named 'Hijōshikina Sekushī'. This name was given to him by the doctors for everyone forgot his real name and since he was claimed dead did they change his name and background. In other words the hospital was doing their own thing of recovery, for they were keeping Hijo here so he would not harm another person like he had done so before. The lady scowled and stormed to the rest of the group.

She demanded to know why he was kept up in there alone! Hijo would never recover if they kept him locked up! These words stunned the group but did little to the hospital staff. This lady was known as Locke or in other words Dr. Locke, for she studied children and teenagers. She wanted to help Hijo for it seemed everyone gave up on him.

Every night, Hijo was forced to scream and yell at the top of his lungs for he was seeking some kind of attention. The other teenagers could hear this at night, and it got annoying on the security guard's nerves. Constantly, he bang on the cell door and yelled for someone to let him out.
He was alone! He wanted out!
This would keep up until the morning came, due to no windows did it bring back the horror as a child within a dark and cold place alone. It got bad really fast in Hijo's mind. Why was he locked up? Why could he not go out and speak to people? Why did everyone treat him like some kind of dangerous animal! Hijo could not help but sit alone in the corner and look at the floor with eyes full of emotions. It seemed that no one cared about him, they only brought him food two times a day and even let him out to go to the bathroom but that was until everyone else went first.

Hijo hated this and at times he would hit the wall or punch the door for he tried to find out why they were doing this to him. Though, he had questions within his mind it just seemed that his answers would come soon enough.

Dr. Locke came to the hospital after seeing the abuse Hijo had been getting and so she made way into the hospital and became Hijo's guardian on school grounds. She was responsible for Hijo's actions and she wanted to prove to people that he was not all bad. In time, Locke became a wonderful friend to Hijo for everyday she would go into his cell with no fear and would speak to him. She would speak sweetly to him and give him confidence which it seemed he craved. Hijo would openly run and hug Locke when she entered his cell, this made Locke smile as she led Hijo out.

Many were shocked to see this side of Hijo, however there were few who were against and tried to stop Locke with this nonsense. Hijo was insane! They would tell her. He is a danger to everyone! Some would say when she entered Hijos cell every day. Hijo was so happy he actually felt better when she was around for he actually felt normal. Locke bought him things for he had nothing in the cell to keep his mind off of his surroundings. Locke bought him books, puzzles, music, everything that would be fun for Hijo and for the first time in his life did he fully smile and laugh with Locke.

She was happy to see him smile and she could not help but pet his hair which made him blush shyly. They met up everyday and it seemed to make people feel more confident for they thought that he would be let out and actually have a normal life.

However, this changed quite fast for when Hijo turned 14 did a new security guard that night left the tray of food with a actual fork and knife. This guard heard nothing of using plastic knives or forks, this was due to Hijo's odd love for sharp things and this led to him snapping. The feeling of the sharpened metal seemed to make him feel excited and have more energy, with this feeling did it bring out the worse in Hijo. Morning had came and Locke came in as usual while holding a bag which spoke of 'Happy Birthday', the people were convinced that Hijo was cured but their hopes and dreams were shattered. Locke entered the room of Hijo's cell and not once was she afraid for she did her normal routine of looking over his things with a happy smile and she held the bag behind her in hopes of surprising him on his birthday.

Silence came to Hijo's cell, three hours went by and many people knew that Locke would be leaving soon so one of the doctor's told the nurse to go to the cell and let Locke know it was time to leave as usual. The nurse was the first to witness the horrible scene of Hijo standing over Locke's overly stabbed body with much more damage to her body which could not be explained to normal people. This scene was something out of a horror film.

A loud scream reached the ears of many as the doctor's ran down the stairs only then to see the sight before them. The hired man grabbed hold of Hijo who laughed and yelled at Locke's body. The words he spoke were something completely different for he tried to get back to the body and cling to it. Blood was on his face, hands, feet, and clothes. It was evident that Hijo snapped and due to his feelings toward Locke did this make him become overly possessive of her body and on his lips were blood for it was clear that he had kissed her non living anymore mouth. Hijo laughed and continued to yell...

"I love you! I love you! Locke is mine! Look at her! She is so beautiful covered in red! Hahahaha!"

The hired man was forced to punch Hijo in the stomach which caused him to pass out in the hired mans arms. The doctors moved the body and cleaned the room while Hijo was in his bath with his hired help. It seemed strange for Hijo felt normal, not once did he remember what had happened when he was with Locke. Hijo was returned to his room and noticed a bag which was neatly placed on the floor, as he approached the bag did he see it was a gift from Locke and he smiled. Not once did he remember what he had done to her.

Within the bag was a CD player and several CD's which he liked to listen too.

Rain began to fell from the sky and Hijo grew concered for he had not seen Locke in several days. He began to miss her painfully and he could not help but look out the window expecting her to return at any moment. He wanted to say something to her. Hijo wanted to express his feelings to her.

Even though he was unaware that he had shared his real feelings. It seemed that no one wanted to tell him so he requested to see the doctor who agreed to come and talk to him later that evening. This was where he found out the truth and once he found out did he collapse in the floor holding his head while crying and screaming going into a greater shock. A flood of doctor's came running in as they took him to the room to watch his vital signs. Hijo finally got his answers for he had killed the lady he loved with his entire being. He wanted to go back in time. He wanted to see her smiling face before him one more time.

As quickly as discovering the truth of his health did he want out of that place! He wanted out for this place was doing nothing for him. Hijo wanted out so badly that this resulted in him punching the cell door until his hands bled.




"At times I feel like I'm sleeping but really I am awake in my own nightmares..."

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Hijōshikina Sekushī

Hijōshikina Sekushī

Zodiac : Leo Posts : 34
Age : 27
Location : You can never see me coming...

PostSubject: Re: Story Time   July 22nd 2014, 12:25 pm

Chapter 6 "Moving on"

So much has happened to Hijo since his days being in the hospital, to make matters worse he feels himself drifting in and out of reality. Within his sick mind was Locke still alive while as reality had nothing to give him but pain. In and out like a broken record did he find himself snapping more often at random. The doctors were finally convinced that Hijo would never again go out into the world and have a normal life. Hijo was meant to stay within those walls alone with no comfort. Hijo felt cold and in time did this coldness seep into his skin making him ice cold to the touch. The emotions that could clearly be seen when Locke was alive disappeared and became a dull color of darkness.

Afraid and alone did Hijo change and this change affected his way of thinking for it made him more dangerous around others. It was time for the doctors to see Hijo in this new appearance, it was time for Hijo to show his true colors within that hospital. If they thought him dangerous then he would be dangerous for that was all that life was to him now. Hijo grew up feeling these feelings and when he turned 18 did this change became much more worse compared to his last episodes.

Hijo would break out of his cell in the middle of the night and he would walk the halls with his bare feet touching the cool tile floors. Faint steps and breathing made him into another being for he would randomly snap at night. No one knew this due to it being late at night and the security guard was alseep on duty. Making way to the kitchen did he find a sharp kitchen knife and he smiled while walking out with it in his hand. Hijo's eyes were so unfocused that it seemed he was being controlled by some unknown force. The cold wind hit against the window's of the halls as Hijo walked up to a room where four teenagers slept peacefully. Unaware of the danger they continued to sleep....

A loud bang and then a scream erupted into the night gaining the attention of the alarm and the sleeping security guard. The four teenagers were being attacked by Hijo who was stabbing everything within his wake, everyone was screaming within that room which alerted other paitents on that same hallway. Things became intense for one teenager attacked Hijo from behind which caused Hijo to fall to the floor with a loud thud.

Loud noises of movements and the sounds of punches were thrown. One of the girl's within the room continued to scream while as Hijo was attacking the other teen who had attacked him for he was defending the others within the room. So much had happened and before the guard could get there did Hijo yell out in pure rage as he took up a chair within the room and hit the other teen in the head as hard as he could. The girl who was screaming was next to get attacked for Hijo laughed while he pulled her hair and punched her without mercy. The laughter from Hijo never stopped and it haunted everyone within that hallway.

Finally, the guard entered the room and pulled Hijo away from the girl who he was beating without emotion. Her shivering and wounded form was on the floor, next to her was the teenage boy who tried to stop Hijo's attack on his roommates. A large gash could be seen on the boy's head along with blood seeping out from behind his head. Hijo laughed in the guard's arms and it seemed that evil had finally made way to his hurting heart. Though, he laughed his eyes burned with tears as his head shook and his voice became cracked while he laughed. Hijo had bruises on his face, though he had bruises he done more damage to the girl and her bleeding roommate.

Hijo was pushed down onto the floor by the guard who then hand-cuffed him, the guard had enough of Hijo and his episodes and he was going to take care of the boy once and for all. However, the doctor's came running in at that time and forbid the guard from taking Hijo outside. Chaos erupted within the hospital for it was clear Hijo was indeed a dangerous character toward others, but the doctor's simply refused to have Hijo taken off of the hospital grounds. They forbid everyone from trying to kill Hijo, since he was insane they figured him dying that way would be a suitable punishment. Everything was out of order amoung the staff as they continued to argue over the case that was Hijo. Unaware to everything, Hijo sat in his cell while looking at his cold hands. The pain was like a never ending gravity which pulled him completely under almost making him drown.

Though, he snapped he never had a idea as to what he did to people. However, now it was clear he was use to it and how it felt. Hijo didn't care anymore for he was meant to stay there until the very end of his normal mortal life. This kind of thing happened on and off, and this made people very much mad by the fact that the hospital was protecting Hijo for the boy was better off dead. Hijo would always sit there and listen to music that Locke gave him with no emotion on his face, things were so bad now all that he could do was sit there and wait.

Hijo soon turned 19 and his attacks from the past were all to known amoung others who came to the hospital, many people saw it as a thing that they had to talk about. Hijo became a big sensation when it came to talking about his past. Not once did he care though for he continued to break out of his cell at night and he would attack whoever was within his reach. Due to everyone becoming use to it did they hire new guards to take shifts throughout the night. Hijo then got his wish one night for he disappeared from his cell and no one knew how.

Hijo moved on for he wasn't in that world anymore for it seemed he was summoned by a unknown force. This force would keep him locked up forever, and hopefully everyone would be happy by that one fact.




"At times I feel like I'm sleeping but really I am awake in my own nightmares..."

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PostSubject: Re: Story Time   

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Story Time
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